Building Value on the Telephone

Picture this exchange:  “How much is a two-bedroom?”  The first thing everyone wants to know is the cost and they often make an immediate judgment of yes they can, or no they can’t, afford it.  If you immediately state the price, how can they make a real decision?  The reality is that, it is unfair to the prospect to give the price without building value. They need to know how your community will benefit their future lifestyle and give them peace of mind from health’s uncertainties.  How much is that worth to them?  We are talking about people’s lives and future!

Note:  Think of it this way…What if someone were to ask you how much beef costs?   Do they mean a cheap high fat hamburger to stretch a meal, or a lean tender rib eye steak with just the right marbling for added flavor and tenderness?  They are two completely different beefs for different dining desires…just like no two retirement communities are the same.

Build value for your retirement community before you tell them the price.