Senior Living Transportation Has High Perceived Value to Seniors

Is your senior living marketer really selling the benefits of your transportation program?  Almost all retirement communities offer some type of transportation for their residents.  This article in USA Today talks about the large percentage of seniors who get depressed when they can no longer drive.  From a senior’s perspective – losing the ability to drive is a huge fear.

When a senior walks into your assisted living community, don’t be trite like your competition and say, “We have transportation to medical and dental appointments.”  Instead paint the picture of what life can be like at your senior living community.  I would say, “We offer complimentary transportation to medical and dental appointments.  Many of our residents who still drive comment to me that it is such a relief — to not have to bother a neighbor or relative by asking them to drive them to their eye appointments, when their eyes are being dilated.  It makes them feel more independent to have our driver take them and not bother a friend.” (Whether they currently drive or do not, transportation has a tremendous value to future residents.)

Let them know that your residents love the adventures on your community’s bus.  I would say, “Our residents are so excited about going to see the tulip fields next Thursday!  Last week the residents went to the Aquarium and in two weeks the residents are going to enjoy the symphony.  It’s an evening performance and most of our residents hate driving at night.” (Pause now and wait for them to say that they don’t like to drive in the evening.)  Now you have created an emotional connection and built value for your transportation.

Who could be depressed when the seniors are going to have so many adventures at your community?