Do You Show Floor Plans Before Showing the Senior Living Apartment?

There seems to be a new sales tactic to show future residents the brochure and floor plans – before touring the senior living community!  This makes no sense to me.  Most people cannot look at a floor plan and decide to give up their 3000 plus square foot home of 30 years and just move into a smaller sized 1000 square foot apartment.  Some professionals or retirees were former realtors, designers or architects – these folks would most likely be capable of picturing all their worldly possessions on a 8 ½ by 11 inch – floor plan.  So let’s just assume the rest of  the people can’t visualize a space based on seeing a retirement community floor plan.

Some senior living sales people actually asked me if I would like the bathroom placement or closet placement here versus there.  What?!?  I asked them to show me in person. They seemed surprised that I needed a real visual.   Others showed me one bedroom and two bedroom floor plans and wanted me to select my favorite floor plan to determine what to go see in the building – nuts!  Be a better sales person and figure it out for me.  Ask better questions to learn about my lifestyle and needs.

Senior living floor plans are a tool to help someone visualize the placement of furniture in their apartment home.   Use it after the prospective resident has already seen and has expressed interest in a certain style apartment at the retirement community.  A floor plan can be a helpful reminder of what you saw an hour ago.  But if they want to see the apartment in person one more time – please take them back to see it again.

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