Interviewing 5 Internet Lead Choices – To Increase the Occupancy!

Interviewing 5 Internet Lead Choices – To Increase the Occupancy!

All the big players in senior housing have a budget for Internet leads.  With all the Internet lead companies vying for your dollar – how do you choose?  We all want to get the best bang for our buck – and we want results – move-ins now!

Pew research has indicated that 50% of seniors are online users now and that 70% of web savvy seniors get online every single day.   Baby boomer adult children are surfing the web researching options for their aging parents.  Is your online presence strong?

This month I am going on a search to determine which senior housing Internet lead referral companies can bring the best the results for some companies I represent.  My strategy is to interview 5 of the top national players who provide senior housing leads.

This is what I want to learn:

  • What’s better – paying a full month’s rent for a move-in or individually paying for Internet leads?
  • How many Internet leads does it take for a move in?
  • What kinds of filters do they provide, so my leads are the best quality?
  • If a lead is no good, do I still have to pay?
  • Will too many garbage Internet leads discourage my salespeople?
  • If the Internet lead person moves in and then moves out in two months, do I still have to pay a full months rent?
  • For Independent Living and Assisted Living leads, how are the leads income qualified, so I don’t end up with low-income or senior apartment leads?
  • Can they find entrance fee applicants for a Continuing Care Retirement Community, so I don’t end up with just rental leads?

The typical senior housing marketing mix results can now include: 20% or more of move-ins being sourced as Internet leads. At one time, I represented 14 properties that eventually had over 20% of their sales volume coming from Internet leads.  There is no question that the quality of Internet leads varies. Many sales people dislike Internet leads because they think they are all garbage.  Every lead needs to be treated as a viable lead.  I have had to sell my sales people on how to properly utilize Internet leads, in order to increase move-ins.  The challenge was having them believe in the quality of the lead, so the staff would treat them as hot leads.  Quick response and follow up were the keys and the results were dramatic!   The occupancy started to rise quickly with proper use of Internet leads…

Stay tuned for my results…if you were going to interview 5 Internet lead referral companies, what would be your top considerations?

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