5 Tips on How to Sell Senior Living During the Holidays

5 Tips on How to Sell Senior Living During the Holidays

  1. Call your senior living database now to increase occupancy for early 2013!   I elaborated on this in my last blog… Why this is the BEST TIME of the Year TO CALL Your Database!
  2. Suggest for a senior and their family to enjoy lunch at your retirement community!  Visiting family and the senior need to eat…why not have it be at your senior living community?  As they eat, maybe they can picture themselves living there.  Most boomer children will advocate for their senior parent to move into senior housing when they see how nice the quality of their life can be…
  3. Invite hot and warm prospective residents to join your residents for some live entertainment or when the local school kids come by to sing.
  4. Offer seniors, who don’t drive, either a ride to your community or go out and do a home visit.  This visit could be the tipping point to them moving into your community.
  5. When someone is visiting at your community, ask for the order.  First do the proper warm up, discovery, listen to their needs, learn their hot buttons, build value for your community and figure out how to solve their problem.   Then invite them to sit down again.  Look them in the eye and say, “I know you love your home of forty years!  And you have shared how difficult it is to manage stairs and your concern of falling down them when you do the laundry in the basement – right?  After everything you have seen today and the wonderful lunch we enjoyed, do you believe you would have a better quality of life living here at The Village (insert your community name here)?  If the answer is yes, just nod and let it digest with them.  He who speaks first loses.  They usually say, okay let’s do this and then start filling out the paperwork…

Diane Twohy Masson is the author of Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” available for sale at Amazon.com.  If your curiosity is piqued to inquire on Diane’s availability to speak at a senior housing conference (CCRC, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care) – please call: 206-853-6655 or email diane@marketing2seniors.net.  Diane is currently consulting in Southern California for Freedom Management Company, the proud debt-free owners of Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet, California.  For more information: Twitter: @market2seniors Web: www.marketing2seniors.net Blog: http://marketing2seniors.net/blog/


    Discussion: 5 Tips on How to Sell Senior Living During the Holidays

    Invite your ‘hottest prospects’ to your Christmas functions, brunches, buffets..take the resident shuttle and pick them up to avoid the stress of driving!
    Posted by Vicki Salter

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    Discussion: 5 Tips on How to Sell Senior Living During the Holidays

    Excellent points!! thank you!
    Posted by Cheryl Guenther

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    Discussion: 5 Tips on How to Sell Senior Living During the Holidays

    This was of interest to me; nice tips. Thank you for sharing.
    Posted by Winnie Sanders-Hamilton

  4. Dianne,
    I always enjoy reading your articles. I have to completely agree with you that this is a great time to sell during the holidays. Our busiest time of the year is from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Capturing this time as a family decision time is perfect. I often ask my prospects how do your children feel about your looking at a community? 99% of the time the children are all for it. I tell them then sign up and tell your kids at the Holiday table we have a present for all of you…we are moving to a community! Don’t use” it is the Holiday time” as an excuse to not call your prospects. You never know someone may need you and your advice.