98 Move-Ins

98 Move-Ins

Moving-VanHow many move-ins have you produced in the last 12 months?  Are you staying ahead of the move outs?  There seems to be a heavy attrition in all levels of senior living from independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care.  Is this what you are currently experiencing in your city?

Older and frailer residents are moving into all levels of care.  They stay for a shorter amount of time.  As a regional marketing director at two Continuing Care Retirement Communities in CA, I have experienced new independent residents move through three levels of care in less than a year and expire.  At the same time, I am seeing a new wave of younger senior couples moving into our communities.

Maybe the senior housing industry has turned a page since 2008?  Since that epic stock market drop, seniors moving in their 70’s and low 80’s had literally evaporated.  Have you witnessed a come back of younger seniors moving into your retirement community or not?

Can you share what is happening in your city and state, so we can all understand senior housing from a national perspective?  It’s as easy as making a comment below.  Thanks in advance for joining the conversation and sharing this blog with other professionals in the senior living world.

Diane Twohy Masson is currently writing a new book for seniors on how to select senior housing options.  Her first book, “Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” is available at Amazon.com with a five star rating.  Masson continues to set move in records as the regional marketing director of two debt-free Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Southern California – Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet, California.  Her mom’s struggle with dementia is inspiring Diane to pen a third book to support adult children.

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  1. Our community is 160 units. We move in about 45 people per year. Over the 4 years we have been open we have purposely not marketed to rehabs/SNF’s. Of course, we want residents to stay longer. So, we have developed a robust fitness/wellness program using our indoor pool, fitness center, walking paths and a full time fitness instructor (instead of another activities staff) who plans or teaches 150 classes per month. Combined with a top-notch dining program our marketing efforts target 55+ communities. We focus on moving people in to IL first, with now 28 people on our waitlist. Our AL seems to take care of itself. I don’t think it is a matter of younger seniors as much as it is about seniors who are coming to us for the lifestyle and active living mentality. Of course, the lifestyle of people in Colorado makes this philosophy much more realistic, and our people love it.

    • Kent,
      Great numbers! The lifestyle at your community sounds vibrant and exciting! It sounds like you do a great job of showcasing your strengths and painting the wellness dream – good job!