New Book “Your Senior Housing Options” Available

New Book “Your Senior Housing Options” Available
"Your Senior Housing Options" Available Now!

“Your Senior Housing Options” Available Now!

Your Senior Housing Options” is available now on

As we age, it’s never easy to face the prospect of what to do when we need living assistance. But the reality is that two-thirds of today’s seniors will eventually need long-term care, with 20 percent needing it for longer than five years. If you are a retirement-age baby boomer or senior, don’t wait for a health crisis to occur. You owe it to yourself—and your family—to plan for the future today.

Although we’ve all heard horror stories, great facilities where residents are treated like gold are out there. How do you find them? You have to do your homework, ask the right questions, and look beyond the superficial to find what’s right for you.

With experience as both an industry expert and a loving daughter, Diane Twohy Masson is passionate about helping seniors find the retirement community that fits their price range, lifestyle, and needs. This brand new guidebook offers a proactive approach to navigating the complex maze of senior housing options. It will help you understand the costs and consequences of the various possibilities including home care, independent living, assisted living, group homes, memory care, and skilled nursing care facilities.

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A valuable source of information by someone who works in the trenches. Whether you or a loved one are currently facing challenges, or if you simply want to be prepared for what you may face in the future, this provides the necessary tools. Knowledge is power.         

Steve Fairfax, Currently helping my neighbor who has dementia

Diane answers questions most of us have not even thought of but desperately need to know. You will find valuable insight into the later years of life.                                       

Dr. Jim Gwinn, Former President, CRISTA Ministries

As accountants, we can crunch the numbers. But Diane has outlined many issues we would never know, but which clearly need to be considered. This is an important resource in understanding key senior living issues.

Craig Huish, CPA, Waterfront CPA Group

Diane Twohy Masson has worked in senior housing since 1999. She is an award-winning certified aging services professional and the author of Senior Housing Marketing: How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full for senior living professionals.

Among the thousands of seniors she and her teams have assisted in finding the right senior living community, the most difficult case has been helping her own parent. Masson spent two years exploring senior housing options with her mother before finding the ideal Continuing Care Retirement Community for her. After eight years in this independent living setting, she helped her mother transition into assisted living community. Seven years later, even as a senior housing expert, Masson struggled with the decision to move her mother into a skilled nursing community.

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  1. Finally! A book that is so desperately needed to know how…and when…to look for senior housing. I begged my parents to get on a waiting list while they were still active and healthy, and their argument was that they had already purchased cemetery plots. Sure enough….one day they realized they could no longer manage on their own, and we had to find something fast. Because of their not being prepared by being on a list, they had to settle on a substandard place, several states away from family, and their plots…and have been there for nearly 10 years. Now, we are dealing with another family member who insists on staying in their own home…and it is one problem/issue after another. Please heed the advice in this easy-to-read book!

  2. From Linked In
    Carol Ehrenkranz
    Creator and Host at Senior Chat Room

    Searching for information regarding seniors sharing a home together Any comments ?

  3. Hi Carol, I was just talking with a senior about this topic a few days ago. Some 55 plus communities do not allow it. Diane

  4. From Linked In
    Kathryn Watson
    Founder of Find Houston Senior Care/ Caregiver Life Coach/Senior Care and Senior Living Marketing

    Congratulations Diane!

    David F. Doherty Senior Housing Development Expert
    CEO/Founder – Infinity Concepts Group – Senior Housing Sales & Development Specialist “Third-Age-Demogprahic”

    Interesting look forward to see what you present – given all options!

    Diane Masson
    Regional Marketing Director at Freedom Management Co.

    Thanks Kathryn and David! This resource took 1 1/2 years to develop. Let me know what you think. Diane

  5. As a Realtor, I regularly get requests for help when clients are downsizing. This book is full of helpful information to begin planning for the future. Ideally, we’d all begin the preparation long before decisions are required so we are in the best position to live the senior future we want! It’s a great resource for me and for my clients.