“Your Senior Housing Options,” Channel 6 Interview with Diane Masson

“Your Senior Housing Options,” has a simplistic title, but what’s inside this new book can save you months of research time.  Hear Diane Masson’s interview of how her mother and in-law’s faced the pivotal decision to plan ahead or wait until a crisis.  Learn the pitfalls from transitioning from your home to senior housing.  Understand what questions to ask, insider tips and dirty secrets revealed.  The decision to stay home requires caregivers.  Prevent elder abuse by determining if a home care agency is reputable, before they move into your home.  You are just not looking for today’s needs, but for your future care.  Discover key differences between rental facilities vs Continuing Care Retirement Communities.  Do you have enough financial resources if you need to be in a higher level of care for an extended period of time?   Please enjoy my new interview.  For more info: Www.Tips2Seniors.com 

Diane Masson is a senior housing expert, the author of two books and regional marketing director for two debt-free Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Southern CA: Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet.

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    Steve Wittman
    In her interview, Diane does a great job of explaining some of the basics regarding senior living choices. She also provides real world examples of how a planned move can be much better than a move driven by crisis. Great job!