What Can Make Your Senior Living Community Extraordinary?

What Can Make Your Senior Living Community Extraordinary?

Every senior living community struggles to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  How can you do it?  When a customer walks in the door – how can they feel an immediate difference with your community?  Let’s take a moment to compare restaurants – which can be so alike too…

My husband and I decided to treat our selves to Sunday brunch at Laguna Beach.  We didn’t want to go to the expensive tourist choice on the bluff.  Hmm, where to go?  We picked a place that looked good, but was not on the ocean side of the street.  The wait for a table outside (it was 80 degrees) was 2 hours.  We decided to eat inside and we had a small view of the ocean.

Five extraordinary experiences happened at this restaurant that blew us away.  Our waiter was wonderfully attentive, the overall service was outstanding and the food was incredible – none of these made it extraordinary.  Here are the five things that did:

  1. The waiter welcomed us the moment we sat down, asked if we had been there before (we said no) and then he assured us that we were going to have the most incredible brunch (Wow!).
  2. When my husband asked where the restroom was (after he tried to find it himself) a server did not just point in the right direction, they actually escorted him (Wow!).
  3. Then my husband returned to the table, a staff member anticipated his arrival, picked up his napkin and as he sat, put it on his lap (Wow!).
  4. The plates were removed within 20 seconds of each of us finishing our food (Wow!).
  5. Now listen to this one, they quietly wiped the water up that had sweated from the ice water glasses, so our table was perfectly clean again (Wow!).

In my opinion, this dining experience, at the Sapphire in Laguna Beach, was comparable to the finest service that I have ever received at Canlis – the most famous and expensive restaurant in Seattle, Washington that serves Presidents and Kings (I was lucky enough to go once on a “big” birthday.)

If your retirement community, assisted living or Continuing Care Retirement Community only did #1 – with every guest – what would happen to your occupancy?  I am a big advocate of speaking positive into existence!  Do you actually tell people when they arrive at your community that they will be in for a treat and that you are excited to show them around and introduce them to some staff and residents?

I would love for you to share something you or your staff does to make your senior living community extraordinary for people visiting your campus for the very first time?  Who’s first?

Diane Twohy Masson is the author of Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” available for sale at Amazon.com.  If your curiosity is piqued to inquire on Diane’s availability to speak at a senior housing conference (CCRC, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care) – please call: 206-853-6655 or email diane@marketing2seniors.net.  Diane is currently consulting in Southern California for Freedom Management Company, the proud debt-free owners of Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet, California.  For more information:   Twitter: @market2seniors Web: www.marketing2seniors.net Blog: http://marketing2seniors.net/blog/