Award Winning Retirement Blog

Award Winning Retirement Blog

Award Winning Retirement Blog

The People’s Choice Award for Best Retirement Blog goes to: won best retirement blog!  Thanks for your readership and votes!

It was an exciting competition to watch as the votes started rolling in at Special shout out to notable retirement blogs in the contest: Retire Fabulously and Retirement Income.

The Beginning…

Watching thousands of seniors struggle in crisis mode, over the last 19 years, made me groan.  The blog was my answer to alter seniors procrastination to planning ahead.

The blog uncovers aging related stories and outcomes… pilots seniors on how to pinpoint quality senior housing options and when to take the leap.  It’s free advice that can save seniors from stumbling in unknown territory.

In the last year, new video interviews were added to the blog…

The publishing of “Your Senior Housing Options,” resulted in television and radio interviews.  These interviews, along with hundreds of question and answer times during speaking engagements with seniors, contributed to the blog content.

It has been my honor to serve seniors, family members and senior housing colleagues through  my blog.  Thank you for this recognition.  


Diane Twohy Masson