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Diane Masson has empowered thousands of seniors to plan ahead and gives great tips for adult children whose parents are in a health care crisis.  “Your Senior Housing Options,” is an award winning book that can answer all your questions and empower you to help any struggling senior.  More free tips at
Video Interview: Learn Senior Housing Answers

Video Interview: Learn Senior Housing Answers

your-senior-housing-options-coverThis video will explain the three levels of care in senior housing.  It identifies health requirements to move into an independent retirement community.  Learn what happens if a senior or couple qualify to move into a retirement community, then change their mind(s).  Can the senior or couple still qualify one year later if their health worsens?  When does a senior with memory loss or dementia bypass their opportunity to move into an independent setting at a retirement community?  These are expert answers by award winning author Diane Masson.  She has written two books about senior housing: “Your Senior Housing Options” for seniors and “Senior Housing Marketing” for professionals.

Diane Masson is the regional marketing director of two Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Southern California, Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet. Connect with her at

How Will Self-driving Cars Impact Seniors and Senior Housing?

How Will Self-driving Cars Impact Seniors and Senior Housing?

Self-driving CarSelf-driving cars are here.  The first self-driving taxi was launched in Singapore, only navigating in a limited portion of the city.  Google has logged more than 1.5 million miles in self-driving cars in four states here in America.  The Ford Company announced its plan to have a driverless car by 2021.  USA Today, stated experts believe that driverless cars will be available to the public in 2020.  We are just a few years away – wow!

Seniors who have vision or other health challenges can become independent again with these state-of-the-art cars.  But with 50% of seniors having dementia at age 85, a driverless car may strand disoriented seniors who can’t remember the make and model of their car or where they parked it.

Some seniors base their decision to move into a retirement community on when they can’t pass the driver’s license exam.

At first glance, it seems that retirement communities that offer transportation will be able to eliminate the driving staff.  Right?  Wrong!!  Don’t be so fast to downsize these crucial senior assistants.

Can a driverless car at a retirement community help seniors:

  • In and out of the cars and buses as a senior becomes more frail?
  • Load and unload groceries?
  • Locate their doctor’s office in the medical building if the senior has dementia?
  • Make sure he/she can return safely to their home after an appointment?

Only drivers at retirement communities can help with all of the above scenarios.

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Diane Masson is an award winning author who passionately educates seniors about senior housing options through television, radio, a blog and Southern California seminars (at 55-plus retirement communities, churches and Continuing Care Retirement Communities like Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet).  “Your Senior Housing Options,” just won the 2016 Mature Media Award.

When is the Ideal Time to Move to Senior Housing?

Do you know a friend, family member or a senior neighbor who is struggling in their home?  Have the day-to-day basics become too much?  This video shares some tips on discovering the right time to start exploring senior housing.

Amazon review for: “Your Senior Housing Options.”

Diane provides encouragement to plan ahead and instruction on how to navigate retirement living options. Her personal trials and breadth of experience in the field allows her to identify pitfalls to watch out for and questions to ask. I found this a very readable book that is extremely helpful for retirees and their loved ones with the desire to chart the course for retirement living success.

“Your Senior Housing Options,” is designed to help seniors and their boomer children to navigate choices quickly in crisis mode or preferably while planning ahead. Learn more tips at:

Proactive Senior Plans Ahead at 73 Years Old

Learn the reasons why a 73 year old senior would plan ahead.  After living in a 55-plus retirement community for 15 years and watching neighbors struggle as they age, she and her husband wanted to live in a supportive environment that offers future health care.