What Type of Price Sheet Do You Use for CCRC and Senior Living Sales? (Part 1)

Just curious how many CCRC and senior living marketers present a price sheet to the prospective resident (with the price of every single apartment visible) or do you use a price sheet with one-bedrooms starting from… etc.?  What have you found to be most effective and why?  Plus how many write in the individual prices of each apartment, for the client, as they show them?

1)  If you use a price sheet (with the price of every single CCRC or retirement apartment visible) – are all the apartments in a certain style the same price?  For example: Are all of your two-bedroom – Dakota Style – the exact same price?

2)  If you don’t use an itemized price sheet – are all your CCRC or retirement community apartments individually priced?  (Individually priced apartment homes would mean that the entrance fee or price for every single apartment home is different and the actual price is based on size, location in the community and view.)

3)  Or are you using a combination approach?  The price sheet is in the brochure and you write down the individual price on the floor plan of the apartment as they experience it live.  If you use the combination approach are your apartments individually priced?

Stay tuned next week: Diane Twohy Masson will give pricing recommendations and share what pricing techniques the majority of CCRC and senior living sales people use in Part 2.

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