Finding Love at 70 Plus Years Old

Finding Love at 70 Plus Years Old

Finding Love Again at 70 Plus Years OldLast week we had 24 new residents at our new resident reception. Out of 24 new senior residents:

  • Two senior couples had met online.
  • One senior couple had met by each placing an ad in the local paper.

Wow!  How exciting is that? Seniors are finding love after losing a spouse of 30 or 40 years.

One of these couples met through E-harmony. We had dinner together and they shared their exciting journey. They each filled out a lengthy questionnaire to find the perfect mate. Each was looking for someone who loved to travel. The gentleman rejected a potential date with a senior who only loved cruising, another lady only wanted to travel to Europe and a third potential senior woman was a retired stewardess.

This senior man was patiently waiting for a senior woman who wanted to travel by RV or motorhome around the country. After finding that potential senior woman online, they only corresponded through the dating website for next three months. Then they exchanged emails and phone numbers. They both proceeded cautiously.

Well their relationship bloomed into marriage and traveling the country by RV for four years. You can see a glow on each of their faces when they speak of the other.

They decided to settle at The Village in Hemet, CA. They wanted to create a plan for their future and not be a burden to their families in a health care crisis. They are trying every community activity together, such as exercising in the health club, enjoying live performances and swimming three days a week. Both of them love life and are enthusiastic about meeting all the other friendly residents at dinner.

Another senior couple who met at this same Continuing Care Retirement Community created an exciting stir at the monthly cocktail party.  He asked her if she would be his life partner in front of everyone.  She asked all the residents attending, “What should I say?”  The residents all responded, “Say yes!”  They are now a happy couple!

Do you have any stories of seniors age 70 plus who have found love again?

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“Is there a Hippie Retirement Community?”

“Is there a Hippie Retirement Community?”

Hippie Retirement Communities?

Hippie Retirement Communities?

A younger senior woman with long hair and beads asked me this question at a presentation last week.  I asked what a hippie retirement community would look like for her.  She said, “Less walls and more indoor and outdoor living.  Where you felt outdoors, even when you were indoors.”

This made me think about our outdoor dining venues, so I showed her the “Fountain Café at The Village.”  It is an outdoor dining venue, where the chef barbeques for the residents.  Entrée choices might be barbequed salmon, ribs or an amazing burger.  Soft music emits from rock speakers that reside in the surrounding garden.  Residents can come and sit in the outdoor café at any time to read a book or spend time with visiting family.  Beyond the Fountain Café area is the popular putting green.

She loved the outdoor area.  I said, “Is this what you are talking about?”  She said, “Yes!”  Then I explained how the health club with state-of-the-art exercise equipment adjoined the outdoor swimming pool.  It has an indoor/outdoor feeling too.

The younger senior loved it and agreed, but said she was not ready for an apartment with walls.  Anyone know of a hippie retirement community, maybe something with tents?  Are we ready for Boomer hippies?

Can you share what is happening in your city and state, so we can all understand senior housing from a national perspective?  It’s as easy as making a comment below.  Thanks in advance for joining the conversation and sharing this blog with other professionals in the senior living world.

Diane Twohy Masson is currently writing a new book for seniors on how to select senior housing options.  Her first book, “Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” is available at with a five star rating.  Masson continues to set move in records as the regional marketing director of two debt-free Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Southern California – Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet, California.  Her mom’s struggle with dementia is inspiring Diane to pen a third book to support adult children.


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