Customer Service Heaven or Hell?

Customer Service Heaven or Hell?

Customer Service Heaven or HellHave you begun to wonder what happened to quality customer service?  I have been through some bad experiences lately and then suddenly I had a “Wow” customer experience yesterday.

In the last week, I had two shopping returns.  One was an item I purchased on  It has taken eight emails back and forth with the seller and ultimately I felt penalized.  I received a product that did not fit and was not as pictured on Amazon.  They claimed I ordered the wrong one.  Sigh…  My second return was an Origami Owl locket.  Two of the crystals had fallen out and my church friend distributer had discontinued her business.  Was I out of luck?  NO!  I called the company and they immediately said they would send me a replacement!  I thanked them for a “Wow” experience!  It was the easiest return of my year!

How is the customer service experience at your senior living community?

  • Do you have a process to check back with a new move-in?  Is someone designated to check with the new senior resident three or four times in the first week, just to make sure they are acclimating and everything is as promised?  Or do you wait for them to complain?  Or are you too busy?
  • If someone has a concern are they able to talk to administrator in a timely fashion?
  • How quickly is the response time for a maintenance request?
  • What happens if housekeeping accidentally breaks an item?
  • If an adult child has a concern about their mom or dad is it addressed immediately?
  • What if someone says their soup is cold or they don’t like the entrée?

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