Active Senior Couple Moving to a CCRC…Learn Why!

After extensive research studying Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s), learn why an active senior couple is moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Orange County.  It is called Freedom Village.  Regional Marketing Director Diane Masson explains wait lists, the path to residency and shares a surprise for Karen.

Diane Masson has helped thousands of seniors make educated decisions by planning ahead and gives great tips for adult children whose parents are in crisis mode.  “Your Senior Housing Options,” has a 5-star rating on  This book can answer all your questions and empower you to help any struggling senior.  Knowledge is power and this book gives a comprehensive overview of all senior housing options.

Active Senior Moves to a Continuing Care Retirement Community

A Freedom Village independent resident shares why she chose to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) from a 55 plus retirement community (Laguna Woods), Three months later she was blessed with a quick rehab recovery at Freedom Village Skilled Nursing Care after breaking her hip. Author Diane Masson shares a tip from her book, “Your Senior Housing Options.”


Answers for seniors, adult children and family members in “Your Senior Housing Options,”authored by Diane Masson.  It’s available on

When is the Ideal Time to Move to Senior Housing?

Do you know a friend, family member or a senior neighbor who is struggling in their home?  Have the day-to-day basics become too much?  This video shares some tips on discovering the right time to start exploring senior housing.

Amazon review for: “Your Senior Housing Options.”

Diane provides encouragement to plan ahead and instruction on how to navigate retirement living options. Her personal trials and breadth of experience in the field allows her to identify pitfalls to watch out for and questions to ask. I found this a very readable book that is extremely helpful for retirees and their loved ones with the desire to chart the course for retirement living success.

“Your Senior Housing Options,” is designed to help seniors and their boomer children to navigate choices quickly in crisis mode or preferably while planning ahead. Learn more tips at:

Rental Facilities Compared to Continuing Care Buy-ins, TV Interview

Discover key differences between rental facilities versus Continuing Care Retirement Communities.  Do you have enough financial resources if you need to be in a higher level of care for an extended period of time? Always consider your future health care needs today. Who will provide your care and at what cost? Do you want 100% responsibility for your future health care costs or do you want to share the risk with a Continuing Care Retirement Community? Author, Diane Masson, shares her insights from her new book, “Your Senior Housing Options.”  Enjoy my TV interview below and for weekly tips join at:

Your Senior Housing Options,” has a simplistic title, but what’s inside this new book can save a you months of research time.  Hear Diane Masson’s interview of how her mother and in-law’s faced the pivotal decision to plan ahead or wait until a crisis.  Learn the pitfalls from transitioning from your home to senior housing.  Understand what questions to ask, insider tips and dirty secrets revealed. For weekly tips join at: 

Diane Masson has worked in senior housing for 17 years and is the regional marketing director for two debt-free Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Southern CA (Freedom Village in Lake Forest and The Village in Hemet).  Her first book “Senior Housing Marketing – How to Increase Your Occupancy and Stay Full,” is being utilized by senior housing professionals across the country.  Both her first book and second book, “Your Senior Housing Options,” have a 5-star rating on